In this week's Teacher of the Week segment, we stopped in at Charles F. Johnson Elementary, where Fourth Grade teacher Joshua Gregory has learned to connect with his students by acting like a kid again. 

Students were learning about the process of electing classmates to Student Council. Gregory emphasizing the importance of a Student Council member being kind, respectful, honest, and trustworthy. 

But Gregory's teaching style is what makes his students really understand his message. 

"I look forward to acting like I'm ten years old for a little bit everyday, because you know, they're kids and I get to be a kid as well." Said Gregory. "It's you know, learning and being human is all about interactions and connections, you can't learn without that."

And it's a style that he gets to share with other teachers as the Director of the Endicott Educational Resource Center. 

"It was just something that I was passionate about, helping other teachers learn and grow their craft, because it's something I try to do everyday. It's just nice because it's teachers, leading teachers."

After spending an hour in Mr. Gregory's classroom, it's clear his students will remember his teaching for years to come.

Congratulations Mr. Gregory!

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