In Jett William's Binghamton debut, the third-ranked Mets prospect went two-for-four as Bingo opens its final regular-season series with a win.

The scoring started early as Kevin Parada doubled to right, scoring Williams in his first double-a inning. Parada is now batting .222 with a .732 OPS as a catcher.

In the third, JT Schwartz singled with the bases loaded to give Williams his second run of the game. Rowdey Jordan gave the Ponies a 3-0 later in the inning with a sac fly to score Drew Gilbert.

We skip an inning again and go to the fifth where Binghamton really blew it open. Jordan picked up another RBI with a single through the infield to score Gilbert once more. The line moved on and Agustin Ruiz doubled to bring in Schwartz and Jordan to make it 6-0. To cap off the successful sixth, Rhylan Thomas reached base off an error while Ruiz waltzed in.

The Phils got their first, and only, run of the game in the sixth when Carlos De La Cruiz hit a sac fly to bring in Marcus Lee.

With the game in hand, Gilbert rocked a double with a line drive to give Williams his third run of the game. 

Blade Tidwell got the start on the mound for Bingo, going five innings of shutout ball while David Griffin went three innings, allowing just one run. 

Four Ponies picked up multiple hits while Jordan and Ruiz each got two hits. 

Binghamton has already clinched a playoff spot and will begin a three-game series with Somerset on Tuesday, September 19.