We haven't even played a game of football yet this season, but one game has already been rescheduled due to a lack of officials.

First reported by Mike of Section 4 Football, the week two game between Walton and Deposit-Hancock has been moved from Friday to Saturday due to an official shortage.

Jim McLean, a rules interpreter for the Southern Tier Chapter of the New York State Certified Football Officials, says the area is actively recruiting officials and encourages anyone who enjoys the sport to think about it as it's a great way to get involved in the sport if you're no longer playing or coaching.

"Unfortunately, in the high school game, like many sports, we're suffering from an official shortage," McLean said. "Many games have to be rescheduled or changed because of the fact there is not enough officials to cover the games."

"We're tied by numbers and we're tied by availability," McLean said. "So the more and more teams want to play Friday nights, it becomes restrictive to us that we don't have enough officials always to fill those games."

There are five officials at each high school football game in New York State. McLean says officials begin at the younger levels and work their way up to high school games. 

McLean continued to say officials are compensated based on the level of football that is being officiated.

Anyone interested can reach out to [email protected].