Memorial day is a common weekend for many people to travel and enjoy the first nice weather of the year.

But that also means increased traffic especially as much of Broome County is undergoing road work so what are State Police watching for this weekend?

"Memorial Day is one of the busiest travel weekends. We do see a lot of traffic out there. So a lot of things that, you know, the troopers that are out there are looking for are aggressive driving, reckless driving, anything that involves anyone holding a handheld device, alcohol, drugs, anyone that is impaired." said New York State Police Public Information Officer Aga Dembinska.

With workers on the side of the highway with so many cars traveling Deputy Commissioner of Highways Chet Kupiec stresses it's important that you drive with care.

Kupiec says "It's very, very important. Unfortunately, in the crazy world we live in, you know, everybody's doesn't maybe leave enough time. There are going to be some, you know, impacts delay wise, but just be patient again. We're all trying to do it, make things better in Broome County, road wise, work wise, and make sure that you know it's safe and everybody goes home safely at night".

Although it's on the driver to drive responsibly what are troopers doing to protect the workers?

"Oftentimes, our construction workers are out working on the roadways. They're very focused on the job that they're doing or they're working on heavy machinery. So they're not able to pay attention to the traffic that's behind them. So we do have troopers that are out specifically that are looking at things like speed, whether you're distracted on your cell phone, just to make sure that all those workers that are in those work zones are going home at the end of the day." said Dembinska.

Troopers also urge if you plan on drinking this weekend to have a ride ready beforehand.

Dembinska says "You know, make sure that you drive sober. There will be checkpoints happening during Memorial Day weekend. And then also, we do have extra patrols out for anyone that may be driving and intoxicated or impaired".

As people gear up to travel for the first holiday with warm weather of the year, It's important to stay focused on the road so everyone can have an enjoyable holiday season.