New York state lieutenant governor Antonio Delgado visited Binghamton today to attend the southern tier regional councils first meeting.

Local politicians and community leaders met with Delgado at the Phelps mansion to discuss regional trends and priorities regarding hate and bias.

The councils meetings are meant to empower communities to stand against hate and bias and to support those who have been affected.

Given different areas of the state vary socially and politically, Delgado says creating constructive conversations is essential.

"Like you said, every situation is going to be different, you think region to region, but if it's informed from a place that is unifying, whether that's love, whether that's unity, whether that's figuring out how to address hate, even if that hate might be of different forms in different parts of the state right? There's a sense of collaboration that works. And once each group has met and has begun to really take shape and understand the needs of the community, from there, we can figure out where there's some overlap, where there might be some differences, and then figure out how to bridge those gaps if necessary. Keep in mind, this is a process, and I think it's very important that we create a climate of constructive conversation. And that takes time, but takes effort. That takes commitment" said Lieutenant Governor Delgado.

Ten regional councils have been established across New York which will prioritize the unique needs of each individual region in New York.

Councils across the state are holding their first meetings either this month or in June and the Lieutenant Governor will be in attendance.