Sportsmanship goes a long way both on the field and in life.  That is something Windsor's modified softball team experienced this week when they volunteered their own players to play for their opponent who could not field a team. On the way to their game an Oneonta player got sick and was unable to play as it put their roster down to 7 but Windsor's coach Julie McKee quickly offered some of her own players to ensure the game went on.

"Well, around 4:00, our athletic director called me and told me that Oneonta was on their way and they had some girls get sick. So they only had seven players. So when our team got here, we told them that and we asked them who would like to volunteer to play with them and, hands went up. So, made us proud. And so we helped them on their team and had an amazing game." said coach McKee.

Her players had very similar reactions to the change, showing support to both teams regardless of who was playing.

"We didn’t cheer for one team we cheered for all of us so, like we were all and I don't know how to explain it but, we were all very kind to each other" said Windsor modified softball player Maisie Root

Maisie's teammate Alana Batzel says "It was like a little weird at first, but I found it as a way to start making like new friends".

Coach McKee and assistant coach Jamie Dayton say they are extremely proud of their team as this was something they had the team working on all season to grow as both athletes and people.