If you've noticed an increase in your NYSEG bill, State Senator Lea Webb wants to hear from you. 

Senator Webb says she heard from one constituent who saw their bill triple in price and that's far from the only story the senator's heard. 

She says her office has been receiving a lot of calls about utility bill prices. 

To help advocate for change, senator Webb has a survey up on her website through June 15th at https://www.nysenate.gov/questionnaires/lea-webb/nyseg-survey

"We're trying to do our part to advocate to ensure that our respective rate payers are getting equitable access to this utility. And at the same time are not having to go even further under financial water, so to speak, because of it."

Senator Webb adds that this comes as NYSEG is proposing a double digit rate increase.

"I also understand that NYSEG is putting things in place to try to remedy the billing issue, so that is important. And at the same time, we still are having to grapple with the proposed double digit rate increase, which even the governor had said in previous correspond and insist that it was outrageous."

The senator notes that the legislature can advocate for constiuents but the decision ultimately comes down to the Governor and the Public Service Commission.

"From an advocacy standpoint, that is what we're doing from the legislature is just continuing to raise awareness and pushing for more accountability as it pertains to this utility, because, again, we can't ask folks to pay a significant increase in the service that they are receiving is imbalanced."

In a statement to Fox40, NYSEG said, "NYSEG recognizes the increase in energy prices on our customers (which are set by energy supply producers and purchased on the open market) due to increased fuel prices, supply constraints, and global events. Unfortunately, NYSEG has no control over the increase in prices pushed by these energy producers and has to pass through those increased costs to the customer. NYSEG is doing everything we can to help who are customers struggling with their utility bills and have a wide array of programs to assist those who need help paying their bills. We strongly encourage our customers to contact us at 888.315.1755.”