Mark Barnhill was awarded NAPA Transportation’s 2022 Contractor of the Year, which recognizes independent contract drivers based on achievement of safety performance, exceptional on-time delivery performance, remarkable production performance, and consistently being a good business partner with NAPA Transportation Inc. In 2022, Mark had an outstanding safety performance with nearly 113,000 miles delivered and $147,000 in linehaul revenue. Additionally, Mark's employee, who is leased with NAPA, had 114,000 miles delivered and $120,000 in linehaul revenue. Mark is a great business man and has been a true partner to NAPA Transportation.

Mark said, “what I like the most about truck driving is having enough money to provide for my family, the independence, and the flexibility. Being a part of NAPA Transportation is what makes truck driving even better, and being in this company provides me with hope for the future. I also thank God I’m able to do what I do, and come and get it done. I’m constantly on the move.”