Congressman Marc Molinaro supports Broome County Executive Jason Garnar's state of emergency declaration to temporarily stop NYC from relocating migrants to upstate hotels.

But Molinaro says that isn't a long-term solution. The Republican representative for New York's 19 Congressional District joined Reps. Pat Ryan (D, NY-18) and Mike Lawler (R, NY-17) called on the Biden Administration to declare a federal state of emergency to open up federal resources to New York City.

Molinaro blasted Governor Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams's plan of busing those seeking asylum out of NYC to suburbs and upstate New York to address the migrant crisis, calling it inhumane.

The Hudson Valley-based representative voted for the Secure the Border Act of 2023 legislation that passed the House yesterday. Molinaro said the bill offers compassionate reforms to the immigration system and tackles the opioid and Fentanyl trafficking along the border. However, the bill has little chance of passing the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Biden Administration is threatening to veto it. 

 Broome and Tioga joined counties that include Rockland and Orange in declaring a state of emergency in response to the migrant relocation plan.