Playing with your sibling is something every kid does growing up, but not everyone has a chance to do once high school starts. For two Union-Endicott lax players, they're not just playing together, they're dominating. Ally and Abby Stank are our latest Athlete of the Week sponsored by Amphenol Aerospace. 

Is there any better chemistry than two people who grew up together?

"They do a little head nod like when Abby takes the draw, Ally's right there and Abby will head nod and Ally will know where to go," said co-head coach Caitlin Carr. "And it always goes to Ally's stick so just watch them play together it's really great."

And it makes sense, the Stanks grew up with sticks in their hand.

"Our dad coach for boys varsity here at UE," said freshman midfielder Abby Stank. "So I remember being a little kid out there who stopped to watch us play so that's special."

Although the two have been playing the sport since they could walk, this is the first season they've gotten to play a full season together.

"It's like a dream come true," said junior midfielder Ally Stank. "Like we've been talking about this and waiting for her for so long. And we just have like, it's just that nonverbal chemistry. I can look at her and she knows exactly what to do and I know what she's gonna do. I just know that she'll always catch the ball for me. So I love it."

And they aren't the only ones who see it

"They do a lot of chemistry, I mean, they're sisters," said senior midfielder Jaiden Williams. "They have that connection on the field and they bring such a big impact to the team and without them, we wouldn't really have a chance with the season so far."

Which was true more than ever in their second-to-last game.

"Probably the Windsor game, we had some many assists and goals to each other that it was just great," Ally Stank said. "We kept it up all night and I loved it."

Against the Black Knights, The Stanks combined for 10 goals and five assists. That's what makes this team so special.

"Playing together is huge," said co-head coach Sarah Kupiec. "And we have three sets of sisters on our team which I think is just nice and the connection on the field is just great."

With a 7-2 record so far, it's played out well for the Tigers.

"Awesome, like we love every second of it," Ally Stank said. "It's just great to talk about the game after and set new goals for coming up."

And the Stanks know they can do it all again next year too.

"Been talking about like we have one season left next year, which is great," Abby Stank said. "She's not a senior this year but hoping to get to sectionals this year. Make it to the postseason and next year just do it all again. We have a great team out here with so much potential so keep up the work and improve every day."