**CORRECTION: Junior Power Forward "Ben Wallace" should be corrected to "Ben Rollison" -- we apologize for the incorrect communication of the student-athlete's name.**

The Owego Free Academy Indians locked down the #1 Chenango Forks Blue Devils in the Section IV Class B Championship this past weekend, and were able to control the pace on offense thanks to their point guard, Drew Tavelli, who kept the flow of the game in the Indians favor -- making him Fox 40's latest Athlete of the Week, brought to you by Amphenol Aerospace.

"He did a great job of maintaining his control. But more than that, he kind of took over the game in there. All right. We're going to go fast. We'll go fast. One to slow things down. Slow things down." explained OFA Head Coach, Chris Evans.

Drew Tavelli, the Senior point guard who helped run the Owego offense this season, played one of his best games on Sunday, helping the Indians capture the Class B Section IV title.

"Well, the year before we lost and I remember just the feelings of walking through that tunnel back there and knowing that we lost, we got smoked, too." stated Tavelli.

The Senior's job running point -- wasn't always his strong-suit, though.

"Drew is not a natural point guard. You know, despite his size, he's a natural to guard. He's a scoring guard." stated Evans.

It was an adjustment that he welcomed, and has embraced, learning to keep the balance between setting up teammates, and attacking when he can.

"[I] started transitioning. I started seeing more like passes, more ways to get other guys baskets. And I still tried to keep that scoring mentality but also looked at passing once that's that's worked pretty well."

Sunday was one of those instances, scoring just 6 points, but feeding the rest of the team as they topped the blue devils by 19 points.

"I do what I have to do, and if it means getting the win and I don't score, I have to get ten assists -- and I get my ten assists."

A mentality Coach Evans, and teammates since their youth -- has always taken note of throughout his career...

"It's just his ability is overall ability to compete. He is an absolute dog, he's a competitor and i just love how he gets after it and he won't back down from anybody." said Evans.

"Yeah, he's very versatile. You can always kick it out to him and he'll make shots and he makes plays for other guys to shoot ball." added Junior Power Forward Ben Rollison.

And according to Rollison, he takes some notes from his favorite team, down in Madison Square Garden.

"I would say he's he's like Josh Hart. He he just loves the battle as a Knicks fan. He loves to just fight and practice hard every single day."

And that's exactly what the Senior will do, as OFA takes on Section III's Westhill on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.