Sugar Williams is the vocal leader for the Binghamton Patriots, not only on the defensive side of the ball, but as a calming presence commanding the floor.

"She like controls the floor for us. Like she sets the pace for us and it feels good like having somebody to set the pace and knows what they're doing." explains Sophomore Guard Shania Beylo.

The Junior Point Guard has played basketball for 11 years, and about half that time has been spent under Coach Willie Fann.

"She's her own person, and she comes out with energy -- when her heads right, she's pretty much unstoppable when she is on her game." said Fann.

If you asked Williams., she's never been the same player since an injury last season, but Fann see's her comeback as his proudest moment for her -- citing a win over Horseheads last year, as one she earned herself.

"I felt like we won because of our energy, because of the shots she made her decision making. And I always tell her, I say, if your point guard is good, the team will be good." said Fann.

And Williams believes she was able to bring her game to a different level, due to that very same injury.

"I haven't been the player that I used to be since the injury, but I'm really working towards getting back to that and I feel like if I didn't get injured, I wouldn't have worked so hard to where I am right now." Williams stated.

And after a big upset win on the road over Elmira in the Section Semifinals, the Partiots were on the cusp of a Section 4 title, and could do it at home.

"It would mean a lot because I feel like people really doubted us as a team and as a unit and showing people that we really could do this is like a big step up for us as Binghamton high school." explained the Junior.

And with some film to work with of the #1 seeded Hawks, Williams and others felt they learned their lesson..

"It's not just like a one man's game. I feel like that our corning game really showed us that we had to come together as a team." she said.

You could say the game plan worked, as they won handedly at home 65-55. Claiming the Class AA Section 4 Championship.

"I'm feeling over the moon. I love this so much and this is really good for Binghamton high school because there's so much stuff that goes around Binghamton high school, and I feel like this is really just one up for us." said Williams, donning her gold medal on Thursday night after the win. "[Its] nothing like I've ever experienced. Like, I have won championships in AAU, but this championship felt so much -- like so much better. It was really, it was really just a lot. It's not even describable."