The Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame has moved out of Oakdale and into its temporary location in the arena so what better time to meet with its founder Tony Quagliata to learn more about the unique museum here in the southern tier?

When you're down the hallways of the arena box office, you're walking down memory lane

"The artifacts represent our community's sports history," Quagliata said. "Sports teams like the TC jets, the starting of the Broome Dusters and obviously our main function is to honor our local Hall of Fame inductees."

Those inductees coincide with a museum as a way to appreciate the greats while they're still here.

"A friend of mine, John came to me, he recommended that we honor our sports athletes and coaches before they pass away," Quagliata said. "So we put together the two ideas, and we came up with the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame."

While preserving the storied history of Binghamton.

"Keep track of our history of sports and a community so we don't lose track of some of the great athletes, coaches and events that occurred in our past sports history," Quagliata said.

And showing the new generation that they can be like the greats as well.

"Who knows that might be an inspiration to a young girl, young boy to continue on further athletics thinking, hey, that person achieved that, that person is from my hometown. I think I can too," Quagliata said.

And if you don't know you might be surprised about how much history there can be.

"Alex Alexander was the founder of the BC Open. Dave Burch, one of our committee members is the president of this. The Binghamton Mets, now the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. This is the Broome Dusters. Jim Matthews was the founder of the Broome Dusters. This was their championship ring for winning the Calder Cup. They're past winning teams and football and signatures and jerseys. This is the TC Jets display. People like Thurman Munson and Whitey Ford that played here," Quagliata mentioned about many of the exhibits.

Amongst so much more.

And covering the walls will be plaques of those who are fortunate enough to be listed in the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame. The museum has plans to move to a permanent location, but for the time being, come down to the box office to experience history.