Last weekend, the Whitney Point field hockey team earned their eighth state title with a 6-0 win over Hoosick Falls. On Monday, the Eagles celebrated their title with a parade on campus along with some appreciation from special guests.

The Whitney Point field hockey team was dominance personified this season. With back-to-back undefeated seasons, the Eagles have won 39 consecutive games and you never get bored of winning.

"It's just as exciting as the very first time so every year it was like oh how does your team look? Oh, it looks like you know I coach high school kids, I never know," said head coach Nicole Huston. "Homework is practice and test is games. So when they go out and they perform I know that my classroom is the field and what is being taught is being executed during the game."

No stranger to that hard work is New York's top-ranked player and four-time state champ Brenna Bough.

"At the end of the states game is when I really realized that that was it," Bough said. "So just all those emotions built up, but I couldn't have done it without my team behind me. So really like giving credit to them, is what really counts because I wouldn't have the stats or I wouldn't have the career without them."

And maybe the most impressive stat of all for Whitney Point is that they did not allow a goal in their final ten games, outscoring opponents 59-0.

"Not giving up a goal since the Windsor game, you know, that was a six-one game and we gave up one and anna Finn had a beautiful shot in that goal," Huston said. "It got to the point where my goalie was asking, what am I doing wrong? I'm like, you're not really doing anything wrong. Teams are supposed to score. So we worked on our angles again, we worked on foot speed and clearing and she got better and better every single day which resulted in no goals going in. Our defense was getting stronger, there was more communication. So it was really a well-rounded execution of my defense, working together to really stop those shots and goals from gold going in."

That success hasn't gone unnoticed either.

"I want to thank just everyone in the school district, even the students they've like given everything to us," Bough said. "So I can't wait to finish off this school year and continue on with my life at Ohio State."

Both legislator Matthew Hildebrant and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar congratulated the team.

"In the bigger picture like we're just a small town and to get the recognition from our County and our state, it's fun, it's amazing," Huston said. "It's, I don't know kind of surreal to watch how excited these girls get every season."

Because what's better than winning a state title?

"Just by the way that we pushed ourselves to make that dream come true is honestly amazing," Bough said.

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