Chenango Valley alumni were back at their alma mater to pay it forward ahead of tonight’s hall of fame induction ceremony. 

City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham highlighted the importance of alumni returning to speak to the students who are in the classrooms they once frequented.

“It may be just an 11th-grade student or a first-grader right now but they are going to grow up and do amazing things and to hopefully inspire these students.”

Mayor Kraham is just one of the four alumni being inducted into the hall of fame tonight. The others are Randy Heysek, Matt Sheehan and Merissa Kraham Velez. Peg Peters is being recognized as a community member of distinction.

Mayor Kraham says the community both inside and outside of the school is what makes Chenango Valley so unique.

"It's a great school district," Mayor Kraham says of what makes Chenango Valley so unique. "Everyone who lives, works, goes to school here loves Chenango Valley and that ties into the alumni too.”

This was highlighted by alumni association president Maralena Dropp.

"I’m actually a Chenango Valley alumni myself. I graduated in 1978, both my daughters graduated from here and my grandsons are here now, so Chenango valley is just near and dear to my heart. It’s an awesome school, great faculty, great staff and it really is a wonderful community.”

Tonight’s event isn’t just about recognizing alumni, but it also features an auction that Dropp says is the big fundraiser of the year for them. The proceeds go toward the warrior fund to provide funds for those who need them.

“Anywhere from purchasing prescriptions for someone who can’t afford it, buying a yearbook for a senior who can’t afford it, medications, all different things,” Dropp explained. Vo:

Anyone can join the alumni association and nominate an alumnus for the hall of fame. To find out more, you can visit the Chenango Valley School's website here: