Some Binghamton University students will soon be doing more than just attending class – they'll be teaching too.

BU’s chapter of "Girls who Code" offers a 10-week program for high school girls interested in programming. The club's registration deadline is next week.

Founded in spring 2019, the BU club aims to create a supportive environment for young girls in STEM, according to Jennifer Seibert, the club’s president. At the end of the program, which begins September 10th and features a range of interactive lessons, the students will pair up, and create their own project under a teaching instructor.

“Students that we had in the past sometimes made quiz games or trivia games,” Seibert said. “We had a student once use a graphing program to visualize COVID-19 data, and we’ve also had students do chemistry fact games or ‘calculus calculators’ to calculate derivatives and limits. Anything that they want to do they can do in this program.”

While the program had shifted to an online format during COVID-19, it has doubled in registration since returning in person, with over 40 students graduating its program each semester.

For the BU students involved in teaching the younger students – including Seibert, the work is rewarding.

"I thought that this program was a way to give back to other girls who were younger than me and inspire them to go into STEM,” Seibert said. “As well as for myself, just meeting other women in the Watson College of Engineering that were interested in computer science and engineering."