For weeks, the former Macy's in Johnson City's Oakdale Mall has been under construction.

It will soon feature a 140,000 square foot 'Dick's House of Sport,' a multi-purpose location featuring a climbing wall, batting cages, a footwear department and a 17-thousand-square foot park. Dick's Sporting Goods had been founded in Binghamton 74 years ago.

 Dick's Sporting Goods Executive Chairman Ed Stack announced the project at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open

"We're looking forward to this store, it's our newest concept," Stack said. "It'll be the largest store that we've ever built."

The turf field, according to JC Spark Co-Founder Doug Matthews, will double as an ice-rink during the winter. While there have been at least two houses of sports built across the country, there have been none of this size.

The new construction is part of a larger project to transform Oakdale Mall into Oakdale Commons, a massive project that saw collaboration across the state. The new store is expected to open next the location of the old Macy's.

"We were a little nervous. you know, this is a big undertaking," Matthews said. "We knew, this is something [that] would take a village. that we would really need public support. And I can tell you that, in terms of public support, what we got here, from these folks that are up here with us, is amazing."