From our founding roots, tracing back half a century ago to 1967, when our founder, Lesley Sinclair, first started the ACS journey, to what ACS looks like today, and what we envision for the future.

Our mission is simple: To turn compassion into action! This is a lifesaving mission for dogs and cats in our community and is possible through the following actions:

  • Adopting healthy animals into loving homes
  • Promoting the human-animal bond through outreach, education, & advocacy
  • Spaying and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and improve public health

Thanks to our supporters, Animal Care Sanctuary has been preventing cruelty to animals and helping thousands of animals find homes for over 55 years. More than an animal shelter, Animal Care Sanctuary is a thought leader taking bold action to solve animal overpopulation and homelessness. ACS is a destination shelter for so many rescues because we have spent years positioning ourselves to be on the forefront of the latest in sheltering and shelter medicine.

Our state-of -the-art veterinary clinic provides comprehensive care to thousands of dogs and cats each year. True to our mission we spay and neuter over 4000 animals each year. We are a community partner providing holistic care to our community animals. Besides rescue, adoption and access to medical care, ACS provides behavior advice to pet owners, grooming services and continued support to any animal in need.

We take our mission seriously. You will find Animal Care Sanctuary not just locally but in classrooms across the state bringing the lessons of kindness, compassion, and the human animal bond into classrooms to assure we are paving the way for a brighter future for animal. We offer an only of its kind in the country Pre-Veterinary College Internship program to assure we are leaving a legacy of access to veterinary care for decades to come.

At ACS, we strive every day to help animals’ live their best lives! To learn more about ACS and how to help get involved, visit