The Greater Binghamton Chamber Of Commerce was joined today by state leaders, Upstate United, and local business owners to call on Albany and the governor for immediate relief in the unemployment insurance surcharge burdening businesses across NYS.

Business groups statewide previously called attention to a potential interest crisis during a legislative session during the month of March -- and are now frustrated after the state did not heed their warnings, which they believe resulted in the current financial crisis resulting in over 8 billion in state debt.

With inflation being at a 40-year high, the cost of doing business in New York is constantly increasing, and small businesses have no way of paying the newly introduced Interest Assessment Surcharge (IAS) bills. 

Stacey Duncan, CEO of Leadership Alliance stated "The Greater Binghamton Of Commerce calls on Albany to immediately revisit this issue and find solutions to the current unemployment insurance surcharge crisis (IAS) that do not negatively impact our local businesses and owners."