Dale Deremer started his driving career by picking up milk from local farms and, in 1997, he began moving trailers around a sawmill.  He realized how much he loved trucking and he’s been doing it since.  Today, Dale is a company driver at NAPA Transportation, Inc (“NAPA”) and earned NAPA’s Company Driver of the Year for 2021.  NAPA’s Company Driver of the Year award is presented to the company driver that consistently exemplifies NAPA's Core Values while maintaining a high level of safety, exceptional on-time delivery and production performance.  In 2021, Dale drove over 132,000 accident-free miles with 0 late deliveries.  "Dale Deremer is a professional driver in every sense of the word. He's polite, professional, and gets great results. He's flexible and always willing to help out the NAPA Team," said Bob Johnston (NAPA Director of Operations).