"I just completed my 15th year at ABF and hope to have many more years here to finish my career! I started driving as a line-haul driver in January of 1989 but came to ABF Freight in March of 2006 at the Atlanta, GA 086 service center. So many memorable moments! I have loved all the life-long friendships I have made and places I have been. One that is very special to me was earning my CDL at the beginning of my career. I have loved being on the ABF road team, and I've also been blessed to have been selected as an ATA road team captain.

I would like to make a shout out to all my fellow drivers - men, women, sons, and daughters – who go above and beyond their expectations to promote safety and service in this industry. As a driver, father, husband, employee, and captain of the road team, I would like the general public to know – I am pretty sure I speak for all drivers – we try to be professional and courteous and get to our destination safely at all times. We look forward to coming home to our families just like everyone else.

Respect and honor are crucial to a driver's success. What matters the most is that our company works with us and supports us with the tools we need to succeed. ABF has some of the BEST equipment in the industry, and they do a great job of updating it frequently. They really do care about us, and I am proud to work at ABF Freight." – Sammy Brewster