"I wish the public knew about trucking driving because behind every wheel of every truck is a person with valuable life and a great story. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and veterans that all want to get safely home to our loved ones. It isn't just a truck going down the road. What matters the most to drivers is knowing that they are valued and making a difference." - Nate McCarty

For Main Facebook Page:
"I'm am proud to be an ABF Freight road driver for the last 17 years out of Denver, CO 110. Through years of experience, my advice for a new driver is never to stop learning, even if you think you have seen everything or know it all. The day that you think you know it all is that you need to retire. Find the beauty or positives in everything you do; it can turn a bad day around quickly.

My favorite part of being a truck driver is the independence of being out by myself in an office with an ever-changing picture window. I am very fortunate to operate in such a beautiful part of the country (the Rocky Mountain West). I get to see some of the prettiest and most wild parts of nature, but I find the beauty in all of it.

I was happy to participate in the National Battle of the States Virtual Truck Driving Championships this year. I recently achieved my 2 million miles of safe driving with ABF, an accomplishment that I'm very proud of, considering driving through Colorado conditions. I want to say thank you to my old bosses, current leaders, friends, and mentors who continue to support me through the years." - Nate McCarty