Anheuser Busch Long-haul division: Mary has been with NFI for 8 years & she has been driving for 20 years. She is also the longest running woman on this account. Mary has been a driver trainer for 7 years. She mentors new drivers that have less than 6 months experience by training them to become an NFI Driver. A few years ago, she trained someone that started out with no experience, very low skills, and was letting outside problems affect his job. She trained him for two weeks to try to get through to him. He would fight her on everything. She was able to finally get through to him by saying, “Either you want this career, or you let the outside world cost you your job, your life, or even another person’s life.” This broke down the driver to be able to turn his life around and become a safe and successful NFI driver. She says, “Little mistakes can cost you- trucks don’t care where you come from, you must have respect and fear of them. If you come complacent the truck will take your life.”