The Vestal Police Department has announced the launch of a new app that the department says can benefit both police officers and the public.

Vestal Police say they partnered with Cordico to launch a customized, confidential wellness app to address mental health challenges. The app will be available to police personnel, their families, and the public.

The app will include a wellness toolkit along with videos and guides on mindfulness, nutrition, and more.

While the app will be available to police personnel and families, the public also has limited access to the app. The app will have the department's contact information, access to accident reports, child passenger and car seat information, recent news, the town emergency plan, and the department's use of force policy.

Not only will the public have access to all that information, but the app will also be used to push important updates to the public through notifications. These include road closures, incidents that disrupt traffic, weather advisories, and other public safety information as needed.

The app was made possible via a grant through the Public Employer Risk Management Association (PERMA), as well as future funding from the town of Vestal.