The leaves are starting to fall and the weather is turning a bit crisper meaning hockey season is upon us. This week the Binghamton Black Bears opened their first training camp. 

The Black Bears began taking the ice at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena on Monday to prepare for the Federal Prospects Hockey League 2021-2022 season. The roster features a mix of players with experience in the FPHL and those new to the league. The team has players from all across the United States, Canada, Russia and more.  

Among the Black Bears Veterans includes Center Josh Newberg. Newberg has played in the FPHL for a few seasons that have included stops in Watertown and Danbury. A native of Cranford, New Jersey, he says he’s excited to be a part of a new era here in Binghamton.  

“It’s really exciting, especially in a league that I’ve played in a few different cities,” says Newberg. “I’m definitely glad to be in this area Upstate New York, I’m pretty close to home so I’m happy about that. I hear a lot of good things about this being a good hockey town and good place to play so I’m really excited to be here.”  

Another one of the players hockey fans in the Southern Tier will be able to watch this season is Defenseman Troy Murray. After playing in Quebec, Murray played in the last FPHL season for the Danville Dashers. He laid out for fans that are new to the league what they can expect.  

“Energy, absolute energy,” says Murray. “It’s probably going to be pretty hard hitting, there’s a lot of skill as well. But I’d say for the most part it’s going to be energetic tough hockey.”  

The Black Bears open their 60-game schedule Friday October 29th at Watertown. Their home opener will be Saturday November 6th as Binghamton hosts Delaware.