After a contentious village meeting on Monday, the Village of Endicott decided to hold firm on a zoning law allowing recycling facilities with restrictions in Endicott.

A concerned resident upset with that decision wrote in to Mayor Linda Jackson, stating they're rushing SungEel into the neighborhood.

Tamara Lindow, a concerned resident in Endicott, said "Endicott has suffered tremendously from companies that have wittingly or unwittingly caused problems and dumped and poisoned us and it's a been a very difficult recovery and we are still recovering..."

Mayor Linda Jackson says they are receiving calls, emails, and visitors constantly surround this issue "We have these people that call in the village all the time... They want to talk on our hearing of visitors and this is all they want to talk about... But the problem is they say the same things over and over, which I have addressed... I answer every single email and every single phone call I get..."

Jackson adds many of the arguments she hears about the SungEel situation are misinformation and a "Manufactured crisis".
From misinterpreted facts about the amount of jobs available, to the fact that the proposed facility is not an incinerator.

Mayor Jackson followed up with "Manufacturing this... Feeding innocent people all these lies... And then they have the nerve to say we are lying... And that's slander... I have not told one lie... I have a file cabinet full of proof of what I'm saying... So I can prove everything I'm saying..."

Jackson recently found out SungEel is already trying to get an Environmental Impact Study done themselves.

Tamara said if the Department of Environmental Conservation comes back with an EIS that states the PFAs are completely safe, she'll be okay with SungEel moving in.

Tamara Lindow also said "If the DEC tells us that this is a safe process... Than I believe in the DEC... But I don't believe in Linda Jackson and I don't believe in the process the vetted studies that she has already conducted"
Mayor Linda Jackson describes her research on the matter "Cornell has already done a study and found it safe but we can't go by Cornell because they aren't the DEC, so we are going to wait until the DEC makes the decision"

 Mayor Linda Jackson also confirmed, the zoning law was kept in place due to a separate situation, involving a glass recycling company they want to move into Endicott.