Penn State Head Football Coach James Franklin spoke with the media today following the Big 10’s decision yesterday to reverse course and play football this fall. 

After uncertainty through the summer about whether a 2020 season would be played during the pandemic, the conference officially postponed the season to the spring back in August. Then yesterday, the Big 10 reversed course and announced they would be playing a shortened 9 week season beginning the weekend of October 23rd and 24th with a list of new safety protocols in place. (More info here)

 “I think the challenge through this whole process is we didn’t know what was going on,” says Franklin. “It’s hard for my players and my parents to imagine that the head football coach of Penn State doesn’t know what’s going on.” 

While now they know when the games will be starting there is still plenty to be ironed out with this unique season. Franklin says for one nobody in the Big 10 has been able to tackle anybody since the end of last season. He says changes to the off-season preparations such as that will magnify the early season mistakes. 

“We just can’t look at anything like how we’ve done it in the past, this is all different,” says Franklin. “The schedule is going to be different, camp if you call it camp is going to be very different.”

The shortened in conference only schedule is expected to be released within the next week. The Nittany Lions were ranked 9th in the preseason AP Polls before all the Big-10 teams were removed after play started with the other conferences.