According to ESPN, with the expectation that no season is on the horizon due to the Coronavirus, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and 14 other minor league baseball teams filed a lawsuit against 5 insurance companies.

The lawsuit alleges that "action and inaction by federal and state governments" contributed to "catastrophic financial losses" for ball clubs. It goes on to say that teams spend more than $2 million to operate "without regard to whether they suffer interruption of their operations."

As ESPN reports, the Rumble Ponies are one of 3 of the teams in the lawsuit that were among the 42 teams designated by the MLB for elimination.

The lawsuit also states "as a result of the virus, the governmental response, and Major League Baseball's failure to provide baseball players, the teams have been deprived of their primary source of revenue, fans coming to the ballpark and paying for game tickets, merchandise, food, and beverage and partaking in other amenities." 

In a statement Rumble Ponies Team president John Hughes says  “We have paid significant premiums for many years for business interruption insurance to protect our team from the catastrophic economic consequences of the loss of a season of baseball as we are now experiencing. The insurer gladly accepted our premium and now must meet its obligation to pay for our losses.”