Jon Goodspeed was a lineman on the Chenango Forks football team and a goalie on the lacrosse team. Anybody that plays or watches those sports will tell you those aren’t exactly the most glamorous positions. But with the help of his efforts outside of the spotlight, his teams saw a massive amount of success. 

Goodspeed has been on the Blue Devils varsity football and lacrosse teams since his sophomore year. In those 3 years, he helped both teams to Sectional Titles in each season he's played and then a Class B State Championship in football this last season. Goodspeed says the biggest takeaway from his time at Forks is that if you put in the effort, good things will happen. 

“Put in the hard work now and it’ll all pay-off later on,” says Goodspeed. “People like to have things handed to them but you can’t have that. You have to work for what you want and have no regrets in the end.” 

Goodspeed will be attending SUNY Oswego where he will be playing on the lacrosse team. He is majoring in Education with the goal of becoming a history teacher.