Congressman Anthony Brindisi is introducing a plan to assist older Americans with healthcare costs and other expenses. Stopping in Johnson City on Monday, Brindisi introduced what he's calling "The Gray New Deal."

Brindisi says this is a 5-point-plan he's going to introduce into legislation later this year. That includes fighting against cuts to Medicare and Social Security and supporting legislation to lower prescription drug costs. Brindisi says he will also go after robocallers who target the elderly and protecting them from workplace discrimination. 

"These are issues that I hear about all the time when I'm out there doing town hall meetings or smaller community meetings across the district. People want to see their health care cost lower, they want to see lower prescription drug cost, they want Social Security and Medicare protected. These are important to people in the district that I represent, and it's important to me as well," says Brindisi.

Brindisi says these measures are to give Americans a "dignified retirement."