People of all faiths, ethnicities, and community groups came together to celebrate peace in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. at United Presbyterian Church on Saturday.

Members from Indivisible Binghamton, Veterans for Peace, Peace Action, Sierra Club, Citizen Actions, Code Pink and religious organizations gathered for a candlelight vigil. Participants sand songs and listened to speeches calling for an end to war. 

Indivisible Binghamton wanted to join Code Pink's National Day of Action Against War. 

"We decided we wanted to get on board, but because we have already done two war protests recently, we decided to focus this one about peace and it just coincidentally came in the same week as Martin Luther King's birthday," said Linda Quilty, Co-Chair of Indivisible Binghamton. 

Indivisible Binghamton also encourages everyone to register to vote and be informed. 

"So many people are misinformed and uninformed so knowing what's going on in our country right now is extremely important, especially our young people," said Quilty. 

This week marked the 25 Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.