The United Way of Broome County has had the same tradition every year since that day.

With 9/11 being 18 years ago today, some college students can't even remember the tragic events.

Amanda Heisler, BU student, said "I don't have any memories of that day... My dad had told me about where I was and what I was doing..."
Hannah Bartell, another BU student, said "I don't have many memories of the day but my parents work in the area so it's an important cause"

But in all that time the United Way of Broome County has placed 2996 flags, one for each of the victims, on their front yard every year.

Jacqueline Gerchman, Executive Director of United Way of Broome County, said "It certainly highlights the tragedy that occurred and it's a moment where we have the opportunity to honor each person that lost their life that day..."

As the colors were retired, onlookers thought about how the country has come together in the wake of such a tragedy.

Walt Loveless, President of Broome County Veterans Memorial Association, said
"The importance of today is that unfortunately it took something like this to bring our country together..."
"One of the things that my sun told me is that they had to evacuate lower Manhattan and while they were leaving lower Manhattan several of the stores and markets were handing out free water and anything else people needed to eat while they were leaving to get out of there... So our country was coming together in a moment of strife..."