This week's Servpro Hometown Heroes segment recognizes Angel Gonzalez and John Roys. The American Red Cross also honored the two with the Lifeline Award. 

November 20, 2018 started off as a typical day at work for Auchinachie Plumbing & Heating employees Angel Gonzalez and John Roys. The two were scheduled to install a new HVAC system for Mr. Dibenedetto at his home. 

During the initial walk-through, Angel and John noticed something wasn't right with Mr. Dibenedetto. 

"The homeowner turned around and held onto the wall, and he reached over, held onto the couch. As he held onto the couch I grabbed him because he was falling. From then on he was passed out. And I held him on my knees the whole time," said Angel.

"When Angel was catching the guy from falling, I knew immediately I had to call 911," said John. 

They kept Mr. Dibenedetto comfortable and monitored his breathing until EMS arrived.

The two also prepared the area so EMS personnel could gain easy access to Mr. Dibenedetto. When EMS arrived minutes later, John and Angel focused their attention on comforting his wife.

As it turned out, Mr. Dibenedetto had suffered a heart attack. John and Angel's quick action allowed him to receive the emergency medical attention he needed.

John had completed Red Cross CPR and AED training a few months before the incident. Because Mr. Dibenedetto had a pulse, John knew to just monitor the situation.

John and Angel's level-headed response to Mr. Dibenedetto's crisis prevented a tragedy.

Angel and John returned to the Dibenedettos' home a few weeks later and were thanked by the couple.

Mr. Dibenedetto said Angel truly was his "angel."