A motorcycle accident on June 4, 2016 left Liam Wagner with L4 paralysis. Motorcycles were his passion, and he needed to find a way to get his adrenaline rush despite his disability. This winter, Liam fell in love with a new sport, mono skiing, and dedicated most of his time to getting better.

After the season ended, he decided to raise money to purchase his own mono ski. Liam received a $4,000 grant to supplement half of the cost of his own mono ski. He created a Facebook fundraiser to make up the difference and met his goal within 10 hours. 

All of the money raised above his goal will be donated directly back to the Greek Peak Adaptive Snow Sports program. 

"It changed my life in a million ways," said Wagner. "It makes me look forward to getting up every winter morning."

The program provides people with various disabilities the opportunity to participate in snow sports and runs from January until March. The general meeting for volunteers and participants will be in early November.