After hearing rumors of a downtown Binghamton building being haunted, Fox40 went out to investigate if there is any truth to the claims.

Fox 40's Bri Supardi joins a local paranormal team, Empirical Paranormal, to investigate the building at 205 State Street. What she caught on camera sent chills down her spine.

"I just, you know, had this weird feeling being here alone at night. I would just have like, you know, heart-pounding kind of feeling, so I told Alise like 'this place is creepy," said Jade Soto, who works inside the building. 

Alise Willerton is the owner of the building, running several businesses inside including Binghamton's newest speakeasy, 205 Dry, and her art studio, Uncorked Creations.

From lights flickering on and off, doors locking on its own, and glass flying off shelves, Willer said she's convinced her building is haunted by several spirits. 

"We've had two other mediums and I've had a church come and bless the place and I've never told them what the others have said and they all say the same story," said Alise.

According to Alise, they've told her that the spirits of an older couple reside on the second floor while a little girl and older man haunts the third.

They all tell her about one more entity, which they say is not of human origin.

"The scariest thing is that there is some sort of force that is on the first floor and the basement and they all say that he the one that holds the other spirits all here," said Willerton. 

"Things happen that are sometimes more targeted towards us like the glasses flying towards us. The feeling is a little darker down here," said Soto. 

"I would say he's not happy with us," added Willerton.

Equipped with ghost-hunting tools including electromagnetic field readers, a scanning radio receiver known as a ghost box, and a K2 meter which reads EMF and types of radial frequencies, Bri Supardi joined the paranormal investigators headed down to the basement to see what they would find. 

Just minutes after being in the basement, the group started experiencing what weird events, including fully charged camera batteries dying and eqipment failing.

Gina Caprari, who is an investigator with Empirical Paranormal, said spirits are made of energy, so they pull any surrounding energy, whether it's heat or energy from electronic or battery-powered equipment.

The weird events didn't stop there. The group picked up various voices, hearing what they believe sounded like 'get out' and 'get'. 

The team said one voice they picked up sounded like it was saying 'Bri.'

They believe it is the spirit of the little girl who lives on the third floor. Willerton said she saw the little girl on her security camera and snapped this picture. 

However much the weird experiences, it's not enough to scare Alise Willerton and her staff away.

"I almost have built a comfort with that uncomfortable feeling so I'm used to it. I know like 'I don't want to be in that room alone' I know where to avoid, so it definitely it gets better with time," said Soto.