Binghamton, N.Y. - For thirty-one consecutive years Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks have seen each others names on their football schedules. And since 1996, Chenango Forks has came out with the victory. 

"They're probably something that a lot of people in our town and us, aspire to be. How they are. But, with that being said, it's not like our kids don't amp it up a little bit or get our juices flowing a little bit more because they would love to be the guys to put an end to the long line of losing" said Warriors head coach, Jay Hope. 

Chenango Forks and Chenango Valley are two schools that are separated just by a bridge, the Chenango bridge. 

"Definitely a rivalry. Something that's been going on for like you said, number of years. Very good team. Trying to go out there and play the best that we can" said senior Brady hope.

"It's something we group up with. Growing up hating them on the football field, but friends with them off the field. It's something we look forward to every year, trying to play them and beat them" said Warriors quarterback Anthony Forbidussi.

In 1995, it was the San Francisco 49ers who were winning the Super Bowl and it was the Chenango Valley Warriors who walked off the football field with a victory against Chenango Forks. But, since then, they haven't been able to repeat, it's been twenty-two years to be exact.

"Their tradition of football has been a lot different than ours. At times we're more of a basketball school, rather than a football school" said Hope.

"People want to know all the reasons why, but I think having been involved in this rivalry as a player, as a coach for 20 out of the last 30 years, they just have more history with football and the importance there is felt year round."

But, instead of coaching in 1995, Warriors head coach Jay Hope was playing and what was once a not so fun rivalry has turned into one over the years.

"I can agree with that statement. Its fun to be apart of. Not many high schools get a rivalry like this" said Brady Hope.

"It's definitely something really fun. We look forward to it every year. Playing Forks, you know. Just trying to get our minds right. Something we really look forward to" said Forbidussi.

"Back when I played there wasn't a lot of friendliness between two schools. But, with social media and playing more travel sports. I've seen my son play lacrosse with their guys, like [Jakob Topa]."

It's not a bad blood rivalry, the game is definitely hard played, and up a knotch from what they usually do, but would I say it's a fun rivalry? I don't know about that. But, it's definitely not anything malicious. It's good hard football" said Hope.

Now, the Warriors have not had an easy schedule the last four weeks, as they find themselves on a four game losing streak. But, as every athlete tries to do, they're focusing on what's ahead and not what's in the past.

"We've been trying to put in the guys heads all week that just to have quick forgetting mindset. Focus on future. Nothing we can do about the past keep moving forward" said Brady Hope.

Chenango Valley will host Chenango Forks Friday at 7 p.m.

 "I think everywhere. We come out and try to get the biggest crowd we can. Hype the school up and see what we can do. But, yeah, it should be a good game with a lot of people here" said Forbidussi.