Those with urgent dental needs, who have no money, job, or means to adequate health care, will have the opportunity to show their smiles and receive free dental services Saturday, September 22, for the 23rd annual Doctors with a Heart Day.

First started nearly 23 years ago by Dr. Marcus Spera of Progressive Dental, he and his staff have continued to treat over 5,742 patients and completed over $1 million worth of free dental work.

Saturday, Spera and the five offices of Progressive Dental will offer cleanings, fillings, extractions, fluoride treatments and x-rays absolutely free to those who are in need of services.

Doctors with a Heart Day will be held from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m., Saturday, and will those who will be seen for care are on a "first come, first served" basis at the following locations:

  • Progressive Dental, 1113 US Rt 11, Kirkwood, NY
  • Progressive Dental, 565 Hooper Rd, Endwell, NY
  • Progressive Dental, 101 S. Broad St, Norwich, NY
  • Progressive Dental, 57 Public Ave, Montrose, PA

"It's cool to see them come in," Dr. Marcus Spera, an Endwell Progressive Dental dentist, said. "Sometimes we'll see them another date and they'll be really thankful for it. Or, sometimes we'll see someone who needs a lot of work done we'll try to get them in to do a little bit more for them."