It's always an accomplishment when a first year team finishes the season with strong record, but the Binghamton Bulldogs didn't play like a first year team...they played like long time all-stars.

After finishing the 2017-18 regular season with a record of 20-3, and at one point sporting a 16 game win streak, the American Basketball Association affiliate Binghamton Bulldogs earned a shot at the ABA Playoffs.

Knocking off their first three post-season opponents, the Bulldogs clinched a ticket to Austin, Texas, for the ABA Quarterfinals. But making it to the Elite 8 would be all Binghamton would be able to do. In the quarterfinal match-up against the Austin Bats, the Bulldogs found themselves in unfamiliar territory...losing.

Although Binghamton's Kyrie Sutton tacked on a double-double of 39 points and 16 rebounds in the game, and his teammate David Haye boasted 22 points, it wasn't enough to defeat Austin in the playoffs. The Bats muzzled the Bulldogs, 135-123.

The Bulldogs can certainly look back on this season as a positive foothold. A first year ABA team with 20 wins, holding the best record in all of the ABA, hoisting the title of Northeast Division champs; are just some of the stats that make the Binghamton Bulldogs a legit contender.

And although their season is over, Binghamton can hold their heads up high knowing they gave it their all, while being baptized by balling. It's true what they say "there's always next season." But next season, the Bulldogs won't be a rookie team....they'll be ready.