James Fox is the Chef and Owner of Fox & Farmer, you can find the food truck next to Beer Tree in Port Crane.

Always a chef, he moved from California with his wife Raenee and opened up the food truck in the Southern Tier, with a non-traditional twist.

“I wanted to do something that was kind of my own and not really do a restaurant again," said James. He said he always had a passion for tacos growing up in Arizona and even living in Mexico for a year as a personal chef. 

Tacos are where his idea of the Banh Mi sandwich was born. You can order the sandwich at the truck, and even find it at the Taste NY store on Front St., in Binghamton. 

He uses fresh ingredients and even pickles some of the vegetables himself. James said the truck has a bit of something for everyone, you can check out some of their delicious meals on their website. James said the food truck has only been opened for a short amount of time, but he has gotten a ton of positive feedback. 

They haven't expanded to catering yet, but if you are interested in placing orders for food our want more information you can email Fox & Farmer at [email protected].