I hope you have a sweet tooth because on this week's It's Homemade segment we introduce you to all things sweet, as we talk to one of the ladies of Mad Batter.

“My baking philosophy is you get out what you put in, and I believe in only putting in the best ingredients," said partner of Mad Batter, Kathy Haynes. She said her and her sister Betty Kelly spend a lot of time and money sourcing their products and in fact, some of their products come from the Broome County Farmers Market. 

Kathy and her sister Betty have spent most of their lives in the kitchen and started baking when they were teenagers. They started out baking cakes and treats for their friends when they later agreed they both wanted to share their love of baking with others. 

“We decided that we are not getting any younger and that we should just go for it," said Kathy. 

Now they are baking two or more times a week and sharing their treats with residents across the Southern Tier, one big seller--  their French Macaroons.

“Lemon, tiramisu is our best seller, chocolate, last week we made mango with earl gray tea and honey buttercream, and today I made a tie dye one with some chocolate buttercream," said Kathy. 

From birthday cakes to macaroons, cookies, and brownies, there is something for everyone.

 “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake and that’s almost the same thing," said Kathy. 

You can find their goodies at the Taste NY store on Front St., the Southern Tier welcome center, and at the Broome County farmer's market. If you'd like to place an order for something or contact Mad Batter you can email them at [email protected]