Monday, learn about the legacy of a family that owned one of the areas most historic businesses. 

Our three part series takes a look the business, the family, and what's been left behind by the Johnsons. 

On Monday, it's all about the business. Hear from the son of an EJ worker, who grew up hearing about his dad's boss. Learn more about the working conditions, why workers came from all around the globe, and the lessons they would pass down to their children.

On Tuesday, we tell you more about EJ CEO George F Johnson from the perspective of his granddaughter. Sandy Scanlon remembers spending weekends at her grandparents' home, and even took a few tours through the factories with her grandfather. The most memorable was a trip to the tannery. 

When you came in, he would look at your shoes and he knew immediately if they were EJ shoes, and he didn’t like it if they weren’t.

— Sandy Scanlon, granddaughter of George F Johnson

On Wednesday, we'll take you inside the only home still standing that belonged to one of the three Johnson brothers. The home on Main Street in Johnson City belonged to Harry L Johnson, who has been credited as the brother responsible for many of the benefits that drew in the EJ employees.