Over the weekend of October 15-16, several people, both customers and non-customers, in our area received messages as part of a phishing scam that appeared to have come from Tioga State Bank. 

“Tioga State Bank’s systems have not been compromised. Scammers have gained access to a list of phone numbers of both customers and non-customers from an outside source unaffiliated with Tioga State Bank. They are contacting both customers and non-customers using our name to try and appear legitimate and generate response. This is a phishing scam.” Stated Laura Ryan, Tioga State Bank Information Security Officer.

“If you receive the message, do not respond. We recommend that those who receive a message delete them and block the number. If you did respond to the message, contact your bank’s fraud center or customer service center immediately. The phone number for Tioga State Bank’s Customer Service Center is 1-888-303-4872.”