It's a story that's received national attention, a ten-car pile up last Thursday on Route 17.  But in the tale of this horrific accident with no fatalities, the spotlight is now focused on good Samaritans.

Fox 40 recently showed dash-cam footage released showing multiple people who risked their lives to remove a woman from a burning car during the incident.  

Binghamton Mayor Rich David posted the video on his Facebook Monday to help identify everyone involved in the rescue.  He said the woman in the car only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

On Wednesday, Fox 40 spoke with Ed Staff -- one of those rescuers.  Staff says he got a fire extinguisher from a truck nearby and assisted in getting the woman out.  However, he considers it an act of decency more than heroism.

"It's just instinct to help someone that was in need of help.  I mean I couldn't live with myself if I walked away and I knew that lady burned up in that car.  So it was just there at the right time to help someone in need.  That was all," said Staff.

So far four individuals, including Staff, have been identified.  Albert Fiori, Doug Kumpon and Chris White have also been acknowledged by the mayor as heroes.