A string of robberies took a hit to Union Endicott Little League. According to the league's officials, on May 20th someone broke in and stole over $1000 dollars in concession stand sales from their safe.

This incident was included in the multiple reports of break-ins to little league fields Endicott police say they've received in the last week

"It seems like someone has been targeting these types of organizations cause they know we're all volunteers," said John Conti V.P., Union Endicott Little League.

It's a target that is effecting the young athletes in the area. Organizers say concession sales are used to pay for umpires, uniforms and baseballs for the 42 teams playing at the field.

"Without that money we couldn't buy all of the supplies we need, and it's important for them to help out so we can get that money back," said said Dillon Farrell, Shortstop & Pitcher.

Part of that help came through a local business called Make a Difference, that helps organizations raise funds through a rewards program.

"These groups, they go out and they sell to their grandmothers their mothers, and they get $20 and the group gets to keep $10 and the other goes back to help an animal be adopted by the humane society," said  Terri Farrell, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator, Make a Difference Rewards.

Endicott detectives are currently investigating the break-ins that were also reported from the Davis, Testa and Sertoma fields.

For more information on how you can get involved in the rewards program you can visit makeadifferencerewards.com.