The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce's Junior Achievement Program put some high school students in charge of teaching a Horace Mann Elementary class.

Ava Hudak was one of three BOCES New Visions Academy students who taught a kindergarten class Thursday morning that is usually taught by a business professional.
"It's an interesting experience to go from our classroom setting to their classroom setting and to be the one in charge. I feel like I can have more of a personal connection with them because they're younger and they understand that I'm a student as well," said Hudak.

Hudak used a hands-on approach to teach the students about separating wants from needs. It's a part of the Junior Achievement curriculum that's focused on teaching business skills like money management, entrepreneurship, and workplace readiness.

Chamber representative Amy Shaw says they will use feedback from the teachers and students at Horace Mann to determine if they will continue to let BOCES students participate as instructors.

Junior Achievement is a national program to train new entrepreneurs. About 60 classes are taught in in area schools every year.