By Faith Jessie.

In a meeting on Thursday, the Binghamton Board of Education said it got to the point where the relationships were so destroyed, it became too late to repair them unless a change took place.

"In order to get us moving again we had to make a change. It was a difficult decision but we felt it was the only way to get the district moving forward again," said Binghamton Board of Education President David Hawley.

That change starts Monday, when Steve Deinhardt makes his return to the School District's office.

"When you see that things aren't going exactly the way you want them to go, it's frustrating. It's not to put a blame on anybody, but you certainly want to ride the ship and get us in a direction that makes sense for everybody," said Deinhardt.

Deinhardt says that he can't control everything as Interim Superintendent but the one thing he can control is....

"Very simply treating people well and having the expectation that they will treat people well and that we can build relationships in the community," he added.

Deinhardt says he plans on rebuilding these relationships by increasing communication. He plans to hold focus groups within the community to better facilitate communication and how to move in a positive direction.

Hawley says that Martinez's contract is effective through June 30, 2018 and that the board is required to pay her until the end of the contract or until she finds another job.