By Fox 40 Staff.

Mandated background checks to buy, rent or sell a property in Binghamton may be in the future.

City Council is currently weighing legislation that would make criminal background checks a requirement for prospective tenants and buyers.

Former Councilman Anthony Massar pitched the idea at Monday's work session in an effort to put a stop to the crime and blight in city neighborhoods.

Council members have mixed opinions on the idea.

"The problem is that people who have committed crimes in the past, they still need a place to live too," said Councilman Conrad Taylor.

"Everybody most absolutely deserves a second chance but there's also a very important reality that we have to face and bluntly it's this: crime, drugs and gang-related violence are ruining our neighborhoods and we cannot let that happen anymore," said Giovanni Scaringi.

Council is scheduled to discuss the issue further at Thursday's work session.