New York Mets Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza was known as a gruff, rough, tough, scowling player on the field. Off the field, his faith was and still is a big part of his life. Piazza grew up a Roman Catholic and used his faith and spirituality to guide him through the rough patches of a Hall of Fame career.

"Generally, I don't see how you can be a big league player and not have faith because it's such a frustrating game," Piazza said. "Personally, my faith was a great gift from my mother which I'm going to mention obviously. It's just something that's brought me a lot of peace, a lot of confidence. It has a way of balancing out and keeping things in perspective for me. Life is quick and the things that really count are your relationships and people that have shared things with you, taught you, and mentored you. All these things are important even on a spiritual level because this is a spiritual game. You have to have a spiritual connection to the game."

Piazza will be enshrined alongside Ken Griffey, Jr on July 24th.