By Fox 40 Staff.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation invited the public to a meeting on eliminating contamination from former IBM buildings in Endicott.

A proposed plan by the DEC includes monitoring groundwater and soil vapor to reduce plume from toxic chemicals.

Residents who live in the area say the toxins mixed in with water have been flowing into their yards, and the cleanup has been grueling.

"It took years to become a hazard area and it will take years to clean up," said George Miller, who lives on Jackson Avenue.

"I'm looking forward to Endicott recovering from what had been the old IBM site and being able to bring in new industries, new buildings."

According to the DEC, a number of steps have been taken already including excavating contaminated soil in the parking lot 26 area, thermal treatment of contaminants around building 57, extracting groundwater to reduce plume and vapor intrusion mitigation.

Experts say the continual monitoring of groundwater and soil will help reach a desired level of environmental safety.