Frank McCaffrey is the 10 o’clock anchor and Managing Editor at Fox 40. He was born in Schenectady and loves the area. On top of that, his father was a career “IBMer” who loves Binghamton due to its IBM connections.

Frank has an understanding of the many political issues in New York due to his time in the Washington, DC area where he has spent years working as a communications consultant in politics. As a consultant, he has worked with several political candidates, members of the U.S. House or Senate and most recently with a Chinese human rights group known as the Laogai Research Foundation.

During his broadcasting career, Frank was a producer with the Fox News Channel as well as a News Director/Anchor with KXLF/KBZK in Southwest Montana and a Reporter/Anchor with WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi. He covered several elections, The Iraq War, The War on Terror and other issues of importance locally or nationally.

McCaffrey has won a number of awards and has received his Bachelors from Loyola University Maryland as well as a Master’s from Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Broome County with his wife Liss and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.